Using Desktop Search to Increase Productivity


There are many people who are frequent computer users largely because of the internet. If you use your computer throughout the day, you pile up a lot of information and files in many formats. Because of stuffed up hard drives, finding a file when you so much need it can be a daunting task.

The good thing is that gone are the days when you used to stand before your computer, trying to find certain files but everything seemed to take like eternity to locate. Wasting time looking for a file is a huge aggravation. Experts have launched a number of desktop search engines to help you find all the files you need in the shortest possible time.

Desktop Search allows you to search within various types of files on your computer. There are applications that can search through the files in your hard drive. If you can remember a certain word or phrase in a document, but can’t remember which document, it is much easy to locate all documents on your computer with that particular keyword.

These search engines have been specially created for people who need to find files fast, for people who are not looking only for documents or music. They have been created for both personal and business purposes. These new software applications can search your computer, but can also search the Internet, at the same time.

There are multiple benefits that come with these utility applications beyond saving you a lot of time locating files. You can use them to search for emails, multimedia files, graphic docs, chat logs or any other file on your computer. Employers believe that all these new application will help their employees become more productive and more creative as that they will have more time to improve their results.

Desktop search applications have been designed to build capacity and maintain an index database with all the files stored on a computer. This improves their efficiency and makes them much faster and more convenient than the traditional search tools. You will not have to look for the information or files you need through the entire disk yourself: the search tools will search the index they created and will find the information in just a few seconds.

The greatest thing about competition is that it brings out the best. If you have always wanted the power of a search engine inside your computer, there are several desktop search applications made just for you. Some of these products include:

1. X1 Search 8
Get lightning retrieval of your files, attachments, e-mails and share-point data with this award winning interface. This revolutionary product has been specifically designed to simplify retrieval results that the way you remember the information. x1 Search 8 is the leader in the field of desktop search. The results come as fast as you type, be it file names or metadata, thus empowering you to tactically go through and act on the information as it comes. It does not matter whether you are using your desktop, or logged onto a virtual location, you will find all the critical documents you seek.

2. Google Desktop Search (version 5.9)
Preview your search results in a mini-viewer and make a decision on which files or docs to open with Google desktop. The program scans through your hard drives on first download, meaning that it may time quite a bit of time to create the initial index. However, the application does periodic background updates so subsequent searches will take the fastest search time.

3. MSN Toolbar
This tool has index capability of over 200 file types. It takes several hours to index the files on first installation, but you have the option to pause it and proceed later. Later on, you will be able to find photos, messages, emails, multimedia and data files on your desktop much faster (in seconds). But because this is a package deal, you have to download Microsoft’s Toolbar to access it for the first time. It also has the capacity for file preview, a pop up blocker for your surfing pleasure and other cool gadgets.

4. Ask Jeeves
While this solution is a free download from, it only runs on Win 2000 or WinXP. All you do is to enter a keyword or phrase matching your search and it quickly finds all files or email housed on your system.

5. Alfred (OS X)
This is another easy way to find files on your computer. Combining an app launcher and a web/desktop search utility for OS X, your hours of frustrated manual searches are over with Alfred. On installation, you simply need to click Alt + Space to launch the search or any application on your computer. The ultimate beauty of this product is that it also sports a built-in calculator, an iTunes mini-player and a wealth of other extensions for you to add more features.

Before you settle for any solution, you need to evaluate different products to ensure that the desktop search utility addresses your needs. If you go for a built-in Windows Search utility, you will be limited to simple file searches. However, if you want to conduct complex file searches, a more advanced and powerful product is what you need.

There is no search tool that can claim to be perfect because all applications pull from listings to get results. The good thing is that a number of these applications are widely available online. The best product is without a doubt one that is more secure, easy to use, has faster file indexing and free data portability. and Are Accepting Bitcoins for Purchases

Before, one of the problems when it comes to using Bitcoins in your everyday transaction is that not a lot of retailers will accept this crypto currency for payment. But starting 2014, you will be surprised to know that there are now several merchants that accept Bitcoins, and as a matter of fact, there are now more than a hundred of them and the number is expected to rise in the future.

But of all the places you can spend Bitcoins, two merchants stood out, the and These are two online retailer giants that have been in the business for so long.

These days, using your Bitcoins is no longer that hard because you can now purchase a lot of things using it. From gold chains, computers, clothing, shoes, Xbox, microwave, television set, furniture, headphones, name it – you can purchase pretty much everything with the use of this crypto currency. Your Bitcoins now function just like your usual money and here’s more, there are now some websites that accept pizza delivery using your Bitcoins. There are many places where you can purchase Bitcoins, for beginners, this is an excellent guide to all of the Bitcoin Exchange that are currently available.

According to the CEO of, the reason why they have decided to adopt the Bitcoin network is because they want to pick up the market share. He further added that a number of their target market are now using Bitcoins for shopping so they want to be a part of the growing market trend. This is the same for the part of TigerDirect, one of the biggest online retailers of electronics and computers.

Because of the and’s decision to accept Bitcoins, it is predicted that more and more retailers will follow suit. Perhaps, Bitcoin would be a replacement for conventional online payment like PayPal. Due to Bitcoin’s ability to transfer funds instantly even across international borders, it’s no wonder why this currency has easily won the heart of online shoppers worldwide.

What are Bitcoins?

Those who have not heard of Bitcoins yet might be wondering what Bitcoins is all about. Bitcoin is a decentralized and anonymous electronic currency that first came into picture in the year 2009. It is not yet clear how far this crypto currency can go when it comes to establishing itself in the mainstream economy, yet, with and’s move to be part of the Bitcoin network, it seems that Bitcoins will soon become one of the most preferred modes of shopping soon. In order to Buy bitcoins, you need to either register with your real ID on the largest websites or go through something like Localbitcoins.

Aside from Overstock and TigerDirect, there are actually several other places you can spend Bitcoins. Both large and small businesses are now accepting the currency as a means to purchase goods and services. Right now, you can use it to purchase produce from the farmer’s market, as well as security services from several major Internet companies. There are even those in the black market that accept Bitcoins for weapons and drugs. Indeed, the list of Bitcoin merchants is growing day by day.

Renters insurance NYC

renters insuranceWhat is the Renters insurance NYC, do we actually need such a thing and what are the benefits of it?

These, of course, are really important questions when it comes to protecting our home, car, or some other property of ours.

Its best advantage is that it provides all the requirements of an insurance.

Renters insurance is actually an insurance policy which unfortunately does not cover all kinds of problems with the certain dwelling. Its coverage is more like for some named perils like theft, vandalism and fire. The owner of the definite dwelling, no matter if it is a house or a small apartment, is the only one that has the responsibility for its insurance. Unfortunately, the owner of the definite building is not responsible for the personal belongings of a tenant.

Commonly, people start to think about having such an insurance when they have their first car or home. Having renters’ insurance can provide you not only safety against fire, theft or such things. It also makes you feel calmer when it comes to such things.

Renters insurance is highly recommended to have but nobody can actually oblige you to do that. It depends only on you whether you will have it or not.
What are the benefits of having such renters’ insurance?

There are so many reasons which will help you believe in its necessity.
First of all, having renters’ insurance will decrease the risk related to your financial future. On the second place, you need it to protect all of your personal belongings in case of fire, lightning, theft, vandalism and so on. What is more, having such renters’ insurance can provide you temporary housing. Last but not least, having renters’ insurance will provide you protection in case someone gets hurt in your personal dwelling.

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